Canine Campaign Goals
  • Help get Animals adopted into homes

Show your support for Travelin' Jack and his Canine Campaign by purchasing his campaign merchandise. ALL proceeds will benefit New Mexico's Animal Welfare organizations.


Travelin’ Jack’s campaign Motto:

"Dog-Governor Travelin' Jack NEEDS your vote for PETSIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012!"

A VOTE for Me -- Travelin' Jack -- Your hometown DAWG...... is a vote for OUR four footed furry Friends! Don't let Bad Kitty invade OUR territory! OMD!!!!! That would be dogzastrous!

Travelin' Jack will be barking up a storm at PETSIDENTIAL ELECTION 2012 to get your vote..... so HIT the TRAVELIN' JACK BUTTON.... NOT the cat button!

A vote for Jack is a vote for New Mexico!


Friday, September 21st 4-5 PM
Alamosa Book Store
(Located on the NM corner of Paseo del Norte and Ventura in the same shopping plaza as Trader Joe's)

1) Come Join the Fun... Hear "THE DEBATE" Between Bad Kitty and Travelin' Jack
2) Get a photo with your favorite 'Canine-didate'
3) BUY A Paw-digraphed Book from your favorite cat & dog
4) Cast your Vote (hint: Travelin' Jack!)
5) You can even BUY votes.... $$$s donated to AHNM

September 21 through November 3
Cast you vote (for Jack) on-line
Click this link http://alamosabooks.com/content/Petsidential-Election-2012 and cast your vote (hint: Travelin' Jack!)
Vote OFTEN! (hint: vote for Travelin' Jack!)

Saturday, November 3 5PM-Closing
Election Results Party. Who will be the new leading pet in the country?
Alamosa Book Store
1) Come Join the Party! Fun... Music.... Treats!
2) Hear the Concession & the Acceptance Speech.
3) Party Party Party.....
4) Make a very Pup-litical Donation to AHNM..... again.



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